Matt Saunders

Trainer Introduction

Matt Saunders


Favourite set of workouts?

Anything with a combo of mid weight barbell and gymnastics/bodyweight i.e Elizabeth.

Favourite exercise to do other than crossfit?

Any sort of team sports.

Background. What makes you, you?

From Central Queensland originally, moved to Brisbane with the Army in 2008, Served in East Timor & Afghanistan. Firefighter since 2014.


First Aid, Advanced Recuss. Judges course.

Time doing crossfit?

4 and a half years.

How you started crossfit?

Got convinced to try it with a friend.

Why you kept doing cross fit – What keeps you coming back?

Because I thought I was fit and realised how much improvement I needed to make after just one session. Now I love seeing how fit I can actually get whilst having fun.

How do you drink your coffee?

Capp or a caramel Latte 😉

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