Kara Saunders

Trainer Introduction

Kara Webb

I often don’t get a choice. Kara is fine ?

Favourite set of workouts?

High skill and heavy combined, in the 15 minute window with some rest intervals.

Favourite exercise to do other than crossfit?

I don’t really ever get the opportunity to but I love getting in the water, playing tennis, and shooting hoops with no rules. Just don’t get me on a gold course, EVER!

Background. What makes you, you?

Simple only child life with my mum for 13 years until we were blessed with my little sister. Up until that point I played alone a lot and learned to be very independent and driven to find things out on my own. For that reason I always took to sport. I’ll always be the person trying to find some crazy new thing to try in an attempt to find progress. Second fittest on earth is great, but it will never be enough.


  • Cert 3 fitness
  • Almost a Bachelor of Health Science/Nutritional Medicine – CrossFit put a pause on that. I’m not sure if I’ll ever complete it.
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting

Time doing crossfit?

Almost 7 years

How you started crossfit?

A personal trainer I was working with was introduced to it and passed on the memo knowing I would love the challenge. I did. I waited for a local affiliate to open and was there on the day it opened.

Why you kept doing cross fit – What keeps you coming back?

CrossFit matches my personality. CrossFit offers me the constant challenges that fuel my desire for more. On a simple level, I really like exercising because it makes me feel good, is actually good for me, and this style keeps me from getting bored. The variation will keep me entertained for a lifetime.

How do you drink your coffee?

In season, long black. Out of season, almond milk latte.

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