21st March 2019

CrossFit Kova – CrossFit


With a partner

6 Rounds:

250/200m Rowing

*Alternate back and forth…each person does 2 rounds. Submaximal pace.

2 Rounds:

10 Push-up to down dog

10 Squat therapy reps, slow 0:03 down.

0:30 Double kettlebell or dumbbell overhead hold

1:00 Box shoulder stretch


Turkish Get-up Prep

2 Rounds:

6 Turkish get-up sit-ups, alternating

6 Single arm dumbbell overhead walking lunge

6 Turkish get-ups, alternating

*Increase load on the second round. Use a kettlebell on the lunges if using a kettlebell on the get-ups.

Build Up

10 Back squat

*With an empty barbell before loading on the working weight for the day.

*RX (95lbs/65lbs)

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for time:

10 Turkish get-ups, alternating (24kg/16kg kettlebell)

20 Burpees

30 Back squats (42.5kg/30kg)
This workout utilizes a mix slow and fast movements to focus on both control/skill as well as endurance/stamina. The turkish get-up load is moderate but should allow for 10 reps to be completed in under 2:30. Utilize a fast pace on the burpee knowing that the back squat load is light. The back squat load should be able to be completed unbroken and in no longer than 1:30 on any round.


Turkish get-up

*Decrease the load to allow for sound technique and consistency of reps completed.

*Use dumbbells as needed.


*Reduce the reps to 10 or 15 each round is 20 reps takes longer than 2:00 to complete.

Back squat

*Decrease the weight so that 30 reps can be completed unbroken.

*Reduce reps to 20.

Cool Down

Each side

1:00 Foot over knee twist

1:00 Stack the knees and feet

1:00 Hamstring newspaper stretch

Shoulder stretch sequence

*Perform duration on each side.

0:30 Arm out to side

0:30 Arm at 45

0:30 Rear delt

10 Internal/external

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