14th March 2019

CrossFit Kova – CrossFit


2 Rounds

Run 200m easy

8m Lateral lunge walk

8m Toy soldiers

8m Spiderman walk

8m Inchworm

10 Air squats

5/5 Single arm cossack squat to press

5/5 Dynamic calf stretch

Wall Ball Progression:

*Use intended work weight for the day or lighter.

5 Wall ball front squat

5 Wall ball push press

5 Wall ball


6 Rounds for max reps:

AMRAP 3:00

Run 400m

Max wall ball shots (20lbs/14lbs to a 10/9ft target)

*2:00 Rest after each 3:00 interval.

*The score is the total number of wall ball shots completed.

This is an interval based workout where athletes should run hard, but not maximal, on each 400m effort. Attempt to maintain a consistent rep count each round.



*Reduce the run distance to 200-300m if 400 meters will take much longer than 2:00.

Wall ball:

*1st reduce height 7ft. A little different today to get experience with a heavier weight than usual.

* 2nd reduce the load as needed to achieve at least 10 reps on each round.

Cool Down

3 Position ankle distraction:

0:45 at each position.

1:00 Supine hamstring wall stretch

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