13th March 2019

CrossFit Kova – CrossFit


2 Rounds

0:30 Jumping jacks

5 Broad jumps

8/8 Turkish get-up sit-up

0:45 Butchers block stretch

*On the broad jump, keep the jumps easy and focus on knees tracking the toes on each rep. Pause briefly in the landing position each rep.


10 Ring rows to below chest.

0:10/0:10 Support hold + pause at bottom of support hold.

*Keep feet on ground or use partner to hold rings to the sides for added stability.

10 Muscle up transitions with feet on ground.

5 Straight body muscle up transitions.

*Increase difficulty by putting feet on a box.

3:00 Muscle up attempts or practice a variation of the muscle up that is challenging


*Practice the transitions on 1 foot.

*Put feet further in front of the rings.

*Raise feet on box.

*Elevate the height of the rings.

Push jerk:

5 Jump and land

*Hands at sides

5 Jerk balance from head level

*With barbell

5 Push jerk


2 Rounds:

3 Box jumps overs, *Increase the height each round

3 Push jerks

*Increase load on each round

1-3 Muscle-ups

*Finalize muscle up options here.


3 Rounds for time:

21 Box jump overs (24″/20″)

15 Push jerks (60kg/42.5kg)

9 Ring muscle ups

The workout will challenge stamina of the upper-body and the box jump overs will elevate the heart rate significantly. The height on the box should allow the athletes to jump consistently and allow the first round to be completed in 1:15 or less. The push jerk load is moderate. The first round may be completed unbroken or with only one very quick rest break. The muscle-ups will be the most challenging part for most. If 9 reps will take longer than 2:00-3:00 on any round reduce the reps or modify the movement per the athlete’s capacity.

Faster athletes may complete this workout in under 15:00 with all modifying to achieve 20:00 or less.


Box Jump Overs

*Lower the height to allow for consistent reps to be achieved.

*Reduce the reps to 15.

Push Jerks

*Reduce the load to allow the first round to be completed unbroken or with one quick break.

*Reduce the reps to 12 each round and focus on technique with a light load.

Ring Muscle Ups

*If the athlete can perform muscle-ups but 27 total reps is too much volume, reduce reps to 3-5 each round or 3-5 attempts each round.

*Use a variation from the warm-up that is challenging. First, muscle-up with feet in front of the body or with feet raised on boxes.

*9 Muscle-up transition with feet on the ground + jumping ring dip

Cool Down

1:30/1:30 Lower leg barbell smash.

1:00/1:00 Lat roll

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