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Strength Week 7

Bench Press

7 x 2

Metcon (Time)

For time:

30 Muscle Ups


For time:

60 Burpee Pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes


Stretch Chest & Lats in band

3 rounds of:

1 min Arms Only Assault Bike

12 x Dumbbell Hang Muscle Clean & Press (6 per side)

12 x Glute Bridges

6 x Hollow > Superman


– Part A is 7 x 2 Bench Press

– We are getting to the pointy end of this strength cycle, make sure you have spotters for all your sets

– Go heavy but ultimately aim for 7 successful sets, don’t keep failing

– Part B we are testing a classic CF workout and one of the events from the 2018 Games: 30 MU for time

– There is a 20 min time cap, so you can get through a fair bit of volume even if you need a lot of rest between reps

– Ideally, this is designed to be a high intensity met con, so if your MU are extremely inconsistent, it’s better for you to scale or choose the Burpee Pull-up option

– If doing Burpee Pull-ups, the standard is to perform the pull-up from a full hang, you cannot jump into it, this would be considered scaling


Muscle Up – Banded MU, jumping MU

Burpee Pull-up – Kickback Burpee, Step down/ step up burpee, jumping pull-up

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