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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 x 1 min AMRAP:

15/12 cal Row + max reps of Burpee over Rower

Rest 3 mins after each round


3 rounds:

30 sec hard effort on Assault Bike

5 x Inchworm Push-up

10 x Jumping Squats

15 x Hollow Rocks


– Today we are doing some sprint intervals

– Everybody can work hard for 1 minute, you need to step on the gas pedal today

– Complete the cals and then do as many burpees as possible in the remainder of the minute

– Burpees will be done laterally beside your rower

– Cut the jump out and do regular burpees if needed

– Scale the cals so that you are working for no longer than 40 sec on the rower

– 3 mins rest is a lot of time, push yourself into getting uncomfortable

– Your score is the total number of burpees completed in the 10 minutes


Row – scale cals (less than 40 sec)

Burpees – no jump over rower, kickback burpee, step down/ step up

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