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Test Week



Push Press


Metcon (Time)


Clean & Jerk (92.5/65kg)

Muscle Up

Time cap: 12 minutes


Banded Chest & Shoulder Stretching

2 rounds of:

7 Inchworm Push-ups

14 Kipping Swings

21 Hollow Rocks


Empty bar behind neck press x 5

Empty bar press x 5

Empty bar behind neck push press x 5

Empty bar push press x 5


– Test week continues today with Press & Push Press

– You will have about 10-12 minutes for each of these which should be plenty of time

– Build up to a 1rm Press and then continue into Push Press from there. You can strip back slightly if needed

– The key to a great 1rm Press or Push Press is speed. Keep your body tight and move with purpose.

– Part B is a short and heavy met con

– The barbell is designed to be heavy but it should be something you can hit a rep on every 10 sec or so at most

– Choose a heavy weight that is easily repeatable for you

– Focus on a strong kip and big hips in the Muscle Up

– Break up the reps into manageable chunks where you only need short rest

– Maxing out your reps is not a good idea in this style of workout

– Time cap: 12 minutes


Clean & Jerk – scale weight, clean only if no overhead

Muscle Up – reduce reps, banded muscle up, jumping muscle up, same reps for C2B & ring dip (scale these back further as needed)

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