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Metcon (Time)

For time:

Run 800m

24 Toes-to-Bar

12 Power Snatches (60/40kg)

24 Pull-ups

12 Overhead Squats (60/40kg)

Run 800m

12 Overhead Squats (60/40kg)

24 Pull-ups

12 Power Snatches (60/40kg)

24 Toes-to-Bar

Run 800m

Time cap: 35 minutes


Banded Hip Stretch, each side

Broomstick pass throughs & dislocates

Easy 400m Jog

With a broomstick:

– 10 x Snatch Grip Deadlift

– 5 x Snatch Pull

– 5 x Snatch High Pull

– 5 x Muscle Snatch

– 5 x Snatch lands (footwork with bar overhead)

– 5 x Power Snatch

– 10 x Overhead Squats


3 rounds of:

4 x Power Snatch

4 x Overhead Squat

8 x Kipping Swings

4 x Toes to Bar

*Add weight to barbell each round


– Longer time domain workout with a good mix of skills today

– This is an “up & back” chipper, once through where you start with the work and meet in the middle and then reverse the work on the way back

– It is very important to choose weights you are comfortable with today

– As a guide, choose a weight where you could do the Overhead Squats unbroken when you are fresh

– The run will be out and around the block, turning around at the bus bench on Frodsham St

– Break up the gymnastics into manageable chunks that allows you to reduce your rest time eg. 6 x 4 reps might be quicker for you than 3 x 8 reps

– There is a 35 min time cap


Run – Row 800m or Assault Bike 4 mins for cals

Toes to Bar – reduce reps to 18 or 12 per round, T2B attempts, hanging knee raises, V-ups, Sit-ups

Pull-ups – reduce reps to 18 or 12 per round, jumping pull-ups, band pull-ups, ring rows

Power Snatch – reduce weight, power clean if cannot go overhead

Overhead squat – reduce weight, front squat if cannot go overhead

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