Julian Arnaud

Trainer Introduction

Julian Arnaud

Jules, Julzo, Brussels

Favourite set of workouts?

Any workout as long as its not a couplet of thrusters and burpees.

Favourite exercise to do other than crossfit?

Rubbish at most other forms of exercising

Background. What makes you, you?

Im a pretty laid back, loyal, friendly and approachable guy. I enjoy seeing others achieve their goals and love helping people reach their potential. I’m always up for a frothy and never take myself seriously. Something is wrong if people aren’t laughing at me for doing something stupid haha!


CrossFit Level1, Cert 3 Group Fitness, Crossfit mobility, AWF Club Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach Level 1

Time doing crossfit?

6 Years

How you started crossfit?

I started doing crossfit inspired workouts with a friend of mine and developed a liking for it. After watching a ton of CrossFit on Youtube I decided to join a box and see what it was really like. I haven’t looked back!

Why you kept doing cross fit – What keeps you coming back?

The people keep me coming back. I’ve made friends for life through CrossFit. Also it’s the variety and constant challenges we face. No one is the best at everything and every time you step foot in the box there’s always something to on and get better at.

How do you drink your coffee?

The only way. Long black baby!

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