Alice Tucker

Trainer Introduction

Alice Tucker

Alice is fine but some people call me 'Tucker'

Favourite set of workouts?

My favourite style of training is interval-based training.

Favourite exercise to do other than crossfit?

I am from Melbourne so I like to try and get outdoors and go on hikes/walks in and around Brisbane to explore.

Background. What makes you, you?

Sport has always been a major part of my life and because of this I have an extensive background in it.

As a kid I played every sport under the sun – swimming, hockey, little athletics, basketball, golf, however I eventually settled on one sport, Tennis. I was fortunate enough to play Division 1 NCAA College Tennis in the US after graduating High School and this opportunity only reinforced my love for sport, exercise and human performance.

As a result I went on to study Exercise & Sport Science, completing an Honours degree in Human Movement. I believe my background and love of sport has driven my passion for learning and helping people achieve their goals.


– Bachelor in Human Movement (Honours) (2017)
– Bachelor in Exercise & Sport Science (2016)
– CrossFit Level 1 (2016)
– CrossFit Masters Certification (2017)
– Australian Strength & Conditioning (ASCA) Level 1
– Level 1 & 2 First Aid Certificate
– Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
– Certificate of Aquatics & Water Safety
– Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate (In Progress)

Time doing crossfit?

5 Years

How you started crossfit?

I was doing bootcamps & boxing when a friend suggested I try CrossFit. I didn’t think much of it at the time and I had no idea what it was (I thought it was a combination of boxing, running, cycling), but she kept persisting and then one day I found the closest box to me. I went in for a session and did nothing but OH Squats with a broomstick but for some reason I went back and have been doing it ever since.

Why you kept doing cross fit – What keeps you coming back?

I love that it is always different and there is always something you can get better at – there is never an end point to how far you can improve or progress.

How do you drink your coffee?

I don’t drink much coffee but if I do it is either an Espresso before a workout or a Flat White if I am out for breakfast.

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