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5 sets of:

2 Snatch Pull +

2 Snatch High Pull +

2 Muscle Snatch

Strength Week 4

Power Snatch

6 x 3

Metcon (Time)

Get as far as possible in 10 minutes of:

10 C2B Pull-ups

10 Squat Snatch (42.5/30kg)

9 C2B Pull-ups

9 Squat Snatch (42.5/30kg)

8 C2B Pull-ups

8 Squat Snatch (42.5/30kg)


If you complete the entire workout in 10 mins, your score is your time. If you do not complete the workout in 10 minutes, add 1 second for every rep missed.


2 rounds:

30 sec Assault Bike

20 x Air Squats

30 sec Row

10 x Burpees

* Work hard on the machines and work at “recovery pace” for Air Squats & Burpees


5 x Snatch Deadlift

5 x Snatch Pull

5 x Snatch High Pull

5 x Muscle Snatch

5 x Snatch Lands (footwork)

5 x Slow Pull Power Snatch


– Snatch Day

– Today we are starting with accessory and then progressing into the main lifting piece

– Accessory is building on the pull, start with no arms, then add high pull, and then continue to pull into muscle snatch

– Finish each rep with strong straight legs

– Aim to go heavier on Power Snatch triples than last time

– 20-25 mins of lifting time for both accessory & main lifts

– Part B: 10 min AMRAP descending ladder

– Get as far as you can through the ladder

– If you finish, record your time

– Add 1 sec for every rep not completed to your time at the end

– The weight should be a comfortable weight for you


C2B Pull-up – Pull-up, banded pull-up, jumping pull-up, ring row

Squat Snatch – Reduce weight, Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

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