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Metcon (Time)

“Heavy Grace”

For time:

30 Clean & Jerks (100/70kg)


3 rounds of:

1 min row/ bike/ run/ ski

10 burpees @ easy pace

With a broomstick:

10 x Deadlifts

5 x Clean Pulls

5 x Clean High Pulls

5 x Muscle Cleans

5 x Power Cleans

10 x Front Squats

5 x Squat Cleans

5 x Press

5 x Push Press

5 x Push Jerk

5 x Split Jerk

Clean & Jerk


– These are warm up sets for the workout but should build up to and past workout weight

– Power Clean & Jerk only

– Try to hit your workout weight around the set of 3 and then go past that weight for a set of 2 and 1

– If you cannot do this, it is too heavy for the workout


– Heavy Isabel on Tuesday, Heavy Grace today

– Similar format session, we will take a longer warm up, some strength work prior and then hit the workout

– Workout will be performed as Power C&J today

– Either push jerk or split jerk is acceptable

– Choose a weight where 4-5 reps in the first minute is possible

– Move your feet on each rep and focus on landing in good positions

– Time cap: 15 minutes


Clean & Jerk – reduce weight

No overhead – Squat clean x 30 reps

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