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Metcon (No Measure)

Muscle Up Strength Development

Ring Swing + Hip Pop

4 x 5 reps

*Substitute for 4 x 10 Kipping Swings on Rings

Seated Ring Muscle Up Transitions

4 x 3-5 reps

*Substitute for Banded Ring Transitions or Feet Assisted Transitions

Supinated Horizontal Row

4 x max reps

Metcon (Time)

For time:

Assault Bike 40/30 cals



Kettlebell Swing (32/24kg)

Ring Dip

Time cap: 12 minutes


AMRAP 6 minutes (at easy pace):

7 Burpees

14 Mountain Climbers

21 Hollow Rocks

30 seconds of skipping/ double unders


– 2 part session, part A is a gymnastics pulling strength session

– In the Ring Swing + Hip Pop, we are looking to create as much power as possible in the kip swing before transferring power into driving the hips between the rings

– Scale to kipping swings to keep building capacity there

– Muscle up Transitions can be scaled to banded or kneeling ring transitions

– The supinated horizontal row is performed by pulling your body to a barbell racked on j-hooks, you can scale the difficulty down by placing feet on floor or decreasing the angle of your body

– Part B is a short and aggressive workout with a buy in of Assault Bike

– There is a 3 min cap on the bike

– You can scale the ring dip volume if needed

– Aim to keep the intensity high today!


Assault Bike – reduce cals (to finish under 3 mins)

Kettlebell Swing – reduce weight, Russian swing

Ring Dip – reduce reps to 15/12/9 or 12/9/6 or 9/7/5, banded ring dip, box dip (between boxes), park bench dip, push-up

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