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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

On a 20 minute clock:

Run 1 mile

Then, in time remaining, AMRAP of:

7 C2B Pull-ups

7 Shoulder to Overhead (60/40kg)

7 Back Squats (60/40kg)


General Warm Up:

3 rounds of:

Jog 200m

Walking Toe Touches x 12

Close Grip Push-ups x 8

Air Squat x 12

Kipping Swing x 8


GHD Skill Practice & Coaching

– Seating Position

– Head position

– Knee Snap

– 1/2 reps

– Full reps

(10 mins)


3 rounds of:

5 Back Squats

4 Shoulder to Overhead

3 C2B Pull-ups/ Pull-ups


– 20 min AMRAP with a run buy in

– The clock will count down from 20 mins as you embark out on a 1 mile run

– For today, you will be doing the 800m course twice (to the bus stop and back)

– For the time remaining, perfotm the AMRAP

– Choose a barbell weight you can confidently do 7 unbroken reps of Shoulder to Overhead with

– Shoulder to Overhead means you can Press/ Push Press/ Push Jerk/ Split Jerk

– When dumping the bar after back squats, simply walk forward, do not throw the bar off of you

– Before starting today’s workout, we are going to do some practice on the GHD


Run – Row 1600m or Bike 8 minutes for cals

C2B Pull-up – Pull-up, banded pull-up, jumping pull-up, ring row

Shoulder to Overhead – reduce weight, Power Clean if cannot go overhead

Back Squat – reduce weight

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