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Metcon (Time)


12 x 400m Run (tag in/ tag out)

Round 1: Max reps Pull-ups

Round 2: Max reps Push-ups

Round 3: Max reps Squats

Round 4: Max reps Pull-ups

Round 5: Max reps Push-ups

Round 6: Max reps Squats

When one partner is running, the other is accumulating max reps of the movement in that round.


Easy 400m Jog

3 rounds each, tagging in & out with your partner of:

10 Kipping Swings

8 Jumping Lunges

6 Inchworms (no Push-up)

4 V-ups


– Partner Workout today

– Together you will complete 12 x 400m runs (6 each)

– When one partner is working, the other is perfroming max reps of a movement in that time

– You will perform each movement twice

– The idea here is to maximise your volume, don’t max out and burn out but rather think about what allows you to do the most reps in that time frame

– You will likely be working for around 2 mins or so

– Score is total time, note the amount of reps you completed


Run – Row/ Assault Bike

Pull-up – band, jumping, ring row

Push-up – knee/ target push-up

Squat – depth marker, lunges

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