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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


AMRAP 20 minutes:

Run 400m

11 Power Snatches (42.5/30kg)

17 Pull-ups

13 Power Cleans (42.5/30kg)


Jog 200m

With a broomstick:

– Bar pass throughs & dislocates

– Snatch Deadlift x 10

– Hang Snatch Pull x 5

– Hang Snatch High Pull x 5

– Hang Muscle Snatch x 5

– Hang Power Snatch x 5

– Kipping Swing x 15

– Deadlift x 10

– Hang Clean Pull x 5

– Hang Clean High Pull x 5

– Hang Muscle Clean x 5

– Hang Power Clean x 5

– Kipping Swing x 15

Jog 200m

With your weight on the bar:


Power Snatch


Power Clean


– Hero WOD “Viola” today

– This is a 20 min AMRAP

– You have to commit to touch & go reps if you want a good score

– Having short, intelligent breaks will help you to keep moving

– As a suggestion you could look to go 2 sets on the snatch, 2-3 sets on pull-ups and 2-3 sets on power cleans

– Descending reps are helpful in these sorts of workouts – eg. start with a higher number and then complete 1-2 smaller sets to finish off the work

– An example of this would be 7/4 power snatches, 7/6/4 pull-ups and 8/5 power cleans

– Scale the barbell weight so that touch & go sets are possible for you today


Run – Row 400m or Assault Bike 25/15 cals

Power Snatch/ Power Clean – reduce weight (same for both), Front Squat instead of snatch if cannot go overhead

Pull-up – jumping pull-up, band pull-up, ring row

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