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Strength Week 4

Power Clean & Push Jerk

6 x 3


Bent Over Row

3 x 8

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 10 minutes:

9 Hang Power Cleans (60/40kg)

6 Push Jerk (60/40kg)

3 Muscle Ups


Leg Swings

Arm Swing & Shoulder Circles

2 rounds:

10 Broomstick Deadlifts

10 Overhead Lunges

10 Broomstick Behind Neck Press

Clean Pull x 5

Clean High Pull x 5

Muscle Clean x 5

Jump & Land x 5

Power Clean x 5

Press x 5

Push Press x 5

Push Jerk x 5


– 6 x 3 POwer Clean & Push Jerk

– Think back to the last time we did triples and aim to increase your weights this week

– Footwork is a must for both the Clean & the Jerk

– Reset your feet back under your hips before starting the Jerk

– These are not touch & go, drop and reset between reps

– Accessory today is Bent Over Row

– 3 x 8 this week, we did sets of 5 last time, you may need to lighten the load a little

– Todays workout is a 10 min AMRAP or Hang Power Cleans, Push Jerks & Muscle Ups

– You should be hanging onto unbroken sets for a lot of this workout for each movement

– Scale load and MU reps if required to maintain big sets

– Your aim should be 5+ rounds


Hang Power Clean – reduce weight, use dumbbells

Push Jerk – reduce weight, front squat if cannot go overhead

Muscle Up – reduce reps, banded MU, jumping MU, strict pull-up + ring dip (3 & 3)

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