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Strength Cycle Week 7

Back Squat

7 x 3

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

7 rounds for max reps of:

Max reps Thrusters (40/30kg) in 30 seconds

Max reps Bar Facing Burpees in 30 seconds

Rest 1 minute


2 rounds of:

30 sec squat hold

30 sec plank hold

15 sec plank hold, each side

Then, with an empty barbell (work in your pairs/groups from rack):

– 10 x Good Mornings

– 10 x Back Squats

– 10 x Front Rack Lunges

– 10 x Bent Over Rows

– 10 x Overhead Squats


– Week 7 of our Strength Cycle

– 7 x 3 today, you are going to have about 25 mins to get those done

– Go as heavy as you can, make sure you have spotters

– Aim to exceed the weights from your last set of 3 session

– Part B today is some good old fashioned grunt work

– We have done a similar WOD recently, but luckily today, it is only 30 sec of work per movement at a time

– The challenge is to hang onto the barbell for the entire 30 sec, that is your number one priority

– Keep moving on the burpee, 30 seconds will fly by quickly

– 1 min of rest, use this time to really focus on your breathing, try to get into some big steady breaths as soon as possible to settle yourself before the next round

– Score is your total reps


Thruster – reduce weight, front sqat only if cannot go overhead

Burpee – Regular burpee if cannot jump, Kickback Burpee

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