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Strength Week 4

Strict Press

5 x 4

Metcon (Time)


Back Squat (75/50kg)

Strict HSPU

Time cap: 15 minutes


Leg Swings

Arm/ Shoulder Circles

Body Rotations

Inchworm Push-up x 10 reps

3 rounds:

6 x Strict Press

6 x Air Squats

6 x Push Press

6 x Jumping Squats

6 x Push Jerk

6 x Overhead Lunges


– Part A: 5 x 4 Strict Press

– Sticking with the theme from last strength cycle, go as heavy as possible with perfect posture

– No leaning back or arching to press

– Lock your ribs down, squeeze your legs tight and keep your body straight

– Part B is a heavy and challenging met con

– Barbell will be taken from the floor

– Clean it and rack it on your back

– Please be careful when dumping the bar

– Choose a weight that your are confident with

– HSPU are strict, kipping will be scaling today

– Time cap: 15 mins


Back Squat – reduce weight, front squat

Strict HSPU – reduce reps, abmat HSPU, box pike HSPU, kipping HSPU, DB Press

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