8th October 2018

CrossFit Kova – CrossFit


EMOM for 12

1: 2 Rope climbs

2: 10/7 cal Assault Bike

3: 15 Heavy Russian KB Swings

• Scale the work to complete it within the minute with some rest

• The heavy swing is heavier than you would normally use. This is just a warm up/body prep so enjoy it.

• The rope climbs are going to appear again later this week with a sense of urgency behind them so do your best to master the skill of the lock off now.

“The Hasselhoff” (Time)

For time:

1 Mile run

35 Deadlifts 62.5/42.5

35 Wall Balls 20lb/14lb

35 Pull ups
• The week has some testing elements so expect to see a few different time domains from last week

• The aim is for everyone to run the mile no matter what your skill level. Modifications for injury are obviously exceptions to this rule.

• This is a hero workout so its naturally designed to be not only a physical slog but also a mental challenge. Grasp the opportunity to progress.

• Cap – 20 mins

Stimulus alternatives:

Deadlift weight

Wall ball weight/target height

Jumping pull ups/band pull ups

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