8 Mar 2019

CrossFit Kova – CrossFit


Week three of the Open how is everyone holding up? Today work at a active recovery pace to keep the body ready and healthy for tomorrow!

“Chan Warm-Up”


25 Jumping jacks

25 Front jumping jacks

10/10 Spiderman lunges

10/10 Lateral lunges

Inchworm + push-ups (5, 4, 3, 2, 1 push-ups).

10/10 Speedskaters

10/10 Arm circles, forward/backward.

10 Arm pretzels

10/10 Shoulder rolls, forward/backward.

0:30/0:30 Lateral neck stretch

0:30/0:30 Posterior neck stretch

10/10 Wrist circles

Metcon (16 Rounds for time)

Every 2:00 for 32:00:


400m Run


40 Russian kettlebell swings (24/16)


450/375m Row


20 Box step ups (24″/20″) 15 V-ups
his is largely a mixed modality aerobic focused session with low skill elements. Time each movement on the first round and attempt to increase the speed for all movements on subsequent rounds. This may involve moving at a slow and deliberate pace on the 1st round.

Good luck


*Decrease the distance to be completed in less than 1:50/round.

Russian kettlebell swing

*Decrease the load 1st and reps 2nd to be done by 1:50 each round.


*Decrease the distance to be completed in less than 1:50 each round.

Box step up

*Decrease the height 1st and reps 2nd as needed to be completed in less than 1:00 each round.


*Modify to a tuck crunch.

Cool Down

1:00/1:00 Kettlebell calf smash

1:00 Kneeling forearm stretch

1:00/1:00 Couch stretch

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