4 February 2019

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Rowling Game For Time and Distance –

Warm up 1000m. Instructions are as follows:

*Partner 1 rows 100 meters.

*Every meter above or below 100 equates to a burpee penalty which both athletes perform.

*Don’t reset the monitor.

*Partner 2 rows to 200 meters.

*Every meter above or below 200 equates to a burpee penalty which both athletes perform.

*Continue in this fashion until goal meters are met and all penalty burpees have been performed.

*Cap this at 8:00

2 Rounds of:

0:30 Seated partner shoulder stretch

10 Hanging scap retraction with pause


Push Press Progression: (~5:00)

*With an empty barbell.

5 Dip and hold

5 Dip and drive slow

5 Dip and drive fast

7 Push press


2 Rounds of:

0:30 Row

3 Push press

*Increase load on the push press each round

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for time:

15/10cal Row or bike

15 Push press (60kg/40kg)

(20:00 window for all work)
*9:00 cap

Logistical Considerations:

*If limited rowers or bikes

Have half of the athletes start on section 2, the 4 RM push press and at 10:00 swap.


At 10:00

In 10:00

Find a 4RM push press

Cool Down

2 Rounds

0:45 Banded shoulder stretch, right

0:45 Banded shoulder stretch, left

0:30 Hollow hold

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