1st December 2018

CrossFit Kova – CrossFit


1 min bike/run/row/ski

15m Ostrich walk

1 min ” ”

15m horse walk

1 min ” ”

15m bear crawl


10 empty barbell goodmornings

10 empty barbell deadlifts

8 Kipping swings

8 Pull ups

6 empty barbell OHS

6 Behind the neck snatch grip push press

Metcon (Time)

With a 20 min running clock:


Deadlift (90kg/60kg)


Bar Muscle Up

In the remaining time find a 3 rep max OHS
* This workout is a variation of one of the Aussie CrossFit Championship qualifier WODs. We are pairing together a high intensity met con with a high skill lift.

* When you get to the lifting portion you can take some time to rest before you do your first lift. You have as many attempts as you would like until the time runs out.

* Take the OHS’s steady after all of that work and understand the pre-fatigue of such an intense workout before it.

Stimulus Alternatives:


Chest to bar pull ups/pull ups

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