12th October 2018

CrossFit Kova – CrossFit


Left side:

:30 Pigeon stretch

:30 Lizard stretch

:30 hamstring stretch

* Repeat above on the right side


3 rounds:

10 Barbell hip thrusts (shoulders on a bench or low box)

10 single leg RDL (each leg

10 Hollow rocks


Back Squat (Weight)

Back squat:

15 reps

3 Minute recovery


3 Minute recovery

9 reps
• This is building off last weeks squats. Use those numbers to build on and use the second time around to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

• Don’t forget to breathe somewhere.


Spend 5-10 mins practicing rope climb technique


Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

6 Rounds each for time:

50m prowler sprint (25m down/25m back)

2 Rope climbs

Rest approximately 1:30 – You should be aiming to start each round on the 3 minute mark
• This workout is a sprint! Go hard and fast on the prowler, sprint to the rope and complete your rope climbs as fast as possible

• We have practiced the rope climbs twice in a more controlled manner so now is the time to speed up the skill

Stimulus alternatives

Shorter prowler distance (40m, 30m)

Add a 20kg/15kg plate to the prowler if advanced

1 rope climb, 2 half rope climbs, 4 rope bites, 10 jumping rope pull ups

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