11th March 2019

CrossFit Kova – CrossFit


3 Rounds:

0:20 Single unders

0:10 Rest

0:10 of 3 Single unders + 1 double under or attempt

0:10 Rest

2 Rounds

Squat with hand reaches (1 squat with a hold at the bottom + 10 hand reaches alternating arms)

5 Push-up to down dog (hold down dog position for 0:05)

0:30 Hands on box shoulder stretch


Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch Progression

*With a light dumbbell

3/3 Deadlift

3/3 Deadlift + shrug (straight arm)

3/3 Muscle snatch

3/3 Overhead drops

6 Single arm dumbbell snatch, alternating arms


5/5 Single arm dumbbell push press


2 Sets:

3/3 Dumbbell snatch

3/3 Dumbbell push press. *Increase in load each round.

Finalize and workout prep and practice any of the other movements as needed during this time period.


For time:

100 Double unders

50 Single arm dumbbell snatch, alternating arms (50lbs/35lbs)

75 Push-ups

100 Air squats

75 Sit-ups

50 Single arm dumbbell push press (50lbs/35lbs) *Alternate arms after every 5 reps

100 Double unders

This is a long duration and relatively light loaded workout. Stamina on the push-ups will be the most challenging part for many. Some faster athletes may finish in under 20:00 and work to modify everyone so they do not exceed 25:00. To help with pacing the following time guideline may be beneficial: Double unders, by 2:00. Dumbell snatch, by 6:00. Push-ups, by 12:00. Air Squats, by 16:00.

Sit-ups, by 19:00. Dumbbell push press, by 23:00.


Double Unders

*1:30 of double under attempts on each effort.

*100 Single unders

Dumbbell snatch

*Decrease load to complete 50 reps in under 4:00.

*Reduce reps to 35 and use a light load.

*Use hang dumbbell snatch if mechanics from the floor are not be maintained.


*Reduce to 50-55 reps.

*Reduce reps to 50

*Knee push-ups.

Air Squats

*Reduce reps 50-75.


*Reduce reps to 50.

Dumbbell Push Press

*Decrease load to complete 50 reps in under 4:00.

*Reduce reps to 35

Cool Down

2 Rounds

0:30/0:30 Band pec and shoulder stretch

0:45/0:45 Pigeon stretch on floor

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