Todays WOD

22nd October 2018
"Chan Warm Up"

8 Spiderman lunges (each leg)
10 Cossacks (each side)
Inchworm + Push ups (5-4-3-2-1 Push ups)
10 Windmills (each side)
10 Arm circles forward
10 Arm circles backwards
10 Arm pretzels (each side)
10 Shoulder rolls forward
10 Shoulder rolls backwards
2km Row (Time)
* Note the time for the workout however the priority here is the position and movement pattern to generate the most efficiency and therfore power. Think 80% effort on exertion and 100% effort on skill.

- Tall chest
- Flat feet
- Maintain the correct sequence of leg drive + hip hinge and then arms at the final piece of every stroke.
- Hands are as close to shoulder width as possible and thumbs around the handles.
Metcon (Time)
With a running clock complete for times:

400m run
50 Deadlifts 70kg/50kg

At 6:00 mins complete

400m run
50 Wall Balls 20lb/14lb

At 12:00 mins

400m run
50 Pull ups

At 18:00 mins

400m run
25 Burpees over the bar
* This workout should be attacked as all out efforts for each component

* Do not sit down or fully rest in the recovery time. Keep moving and recover on the move.

* The weight should be light and the limiting factor in this workout should be pain and fatigue but not strength at any time.

Stimulus alternatives:

Barbell weight
Wall ball weight/height
Jumping pull up/banded pull up/reduced rep pull ups
Kick out burpee
Reduced run or modified cardio exercise.

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