Todays WOD

27th May 2019
2 Rounds
0:20 Jumping jacks
0:10 Rest
0:20 Mountain climbers
0:10 Rest
0:20 Scap retraction push-ups
0:10 Rest
0:20 Good mornings (band or bar)
0:10 Rest
0:20 Sit-ups
0:10 Rest
0:20 Walking lunges
0:10 Rest
Metcon (Time)
Workout (~22:00)
Teams of 3
For time:
150 Bench press (60kg/40kg)
150 Deadlifts (100g/70kg)

*1 person must always be biking or rowing.
*There are 2 scores today: 1 for the time to complete the 150/150 and the other for the total calories rowed/biked
This workout combines a horizontal upper body push with a pull from the floor. The movements are light to moderately loaded and will challenge muscular endurance. Faster teams may complete this workout in under 15:00 while no team need go beyond 22:00.

Bench Press
*If athletes can perform more than 30 reps with the rx'd load, consider increasing the load that allows the athlete to achieve no more than 25 reps.
*Reduce weight to a load that allows for at least 15 reps to be completed unbroken.

*Use loads that allow for smooth and consistent sets of 10-15 reps to be performed.

*Encourage athletes not to pace this too much. Set a goal pace to achieve on each effort that is a 70%+ effort.
Inverted (Max reps)
3 Sets:
0:15 Tuck handstand hold

3 Sets:
3 Wall walks + 0:15 handstand hold

15 Kick to handstand:
*Beginner: at wall
*Intermediate: at wall but try not to contact wall
*Advanced: freestanding

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