Todays WOD

17th October 2018
3 x 8 Barbell Bent over row (light to moderate weight)

* In beeween each each compelte the following

4 candlestick roll ups
15 second arch hold (superman) with broomstick overhead
15 second hollow hold with broomstick overhead
:30 reverse shoulder stretch
8 standing plate chest press
Bench Press (6-4-2-2)
* Rest 2 minutes between sets

* Continuing with our pressing strength cycle. We are looking at getting closer to building those doubles now we have an extra set. Work backwards from your goal double weight and plan out your weight jumps.

* Build on your previous sessions and aim to push the limits a little more each week.

* Ensure you have a spotter
Metcon (7 Rounds for reps)
7 rounds:

30 sec max calorie row

2:30 rest
* This is an all out effort workout. We know what this has felt like on the Assault Bike. Try and bring that same intensity but understand its easier and more expensive to lose control of your technique here. Stay tall in the seat and keep the chain smooth

* Keep the stroked per minute high and keep heels down as best you can throughout the row

* NO sitting down or lying down in the rest time. Keep moving at all times.

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