Todays WOD

21 September 2018
5 min alternate every minute
bike/ski/row/assault run

8 spiderman lunges
10 lateral lunges
Inchworm plus push-ups 5-4-3-2-1
10 Windmill
10 arm circles
10 arm pretzels
10 shoulder rolls
10 wrist circles
Power clean (3-3-3-3-3)
Aim to hit the following percentages 50% - 60% - 70% - 75% - 80%
 Focus for the power cleans is bring the elbows through FAST!
 These are not touch and go reps but each rep should be completed within a few seconds of
each other
 Rest 2 minutes between sets
Metcon (Weight)
EMOM for 8
4 Banded deadlifts at 60% of 1 RM + Red or 50% + black band
3 High box jumps 30"/24"
The aim here is to be fast and explosive through both the pull from the floor and the hip
extension onto a higher box
 The rest time is aimed at recovering the central nervous system just enough to be explosive
again. Each round should take the exact time or faster but you should feel like you have to
work harder by the last one.
100 banded bicep curls
- Pick a band that you can do large chunks in
- Put both feet in the band and do both arms at once
- for quality not time

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